Hey folks,

I've been having this recurring problem with a few of my sites now, but basically every site I make and buy domains for never really seems to get much traffic at all. Some of the sites are 4-5+ months old and are still only receiving a handful of unique visitors a day (like 10 or so at most, if I'm lucky). Now, naturally I thought I might have just been in a bad / too competitive niche, but like I've said I've tried a couple now for a couple of months each.

I know SEO and generating traffic isn't easy, and can be a slow process, but I'm starting to think I'm just doing something terribly wrong at this point, haha.

Basically, here is what I do at the moment, so please, if you see anything I'm doing wrong or anything that could be improved, let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

1) Research keywords to find ones that aren't too competitive, but are still searched for
2) Use those keywords (not overuse though) in title tags, heading tags, and anchor tags
3) Use a good (5-10%?) keyword density when writing content
4) Add alt tags to images
5) Find a domain with keyword in it
6) Submit site to search engines
7) Submit site to web directories or high ranked sites (The only thing I really do is post an article on squidoo or slideshow on slideshare.net)
8) Post ad with website in classifieds on craigslist
9) Try to use social media where possible (Facebook I use the most)

Again, if there is something I can improve or if I'm doing something completely wrong, please let me know as the traffic does not seem to be improving at all. Actually, the majority of my visitors come from adwords

Thanks in advance,