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    I am looking for information or tips on how to build my websites backend. I have tried a few times already to manage my site an always get frustrated with the mess. Such as my image directory with hundreds of images from projects unknown. My main directory has way to many folders in it for me to consider it clean.

    So I am looking for articles or other that can tell me how to setup my site to allow easy expansion.

    Thanks for your help.
    Scott Harrison
    Site Webmaster
    Game Development

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    The most important thing is to sit down and draw out your structure before implementing it. Come up with meaningful file names so images don't proliferate with each makeover. Finally stick to your written layout. Flowchartting tools like Visio 2000 and SmartDraw will help you create a structure. If you use Frontpage, build your site in navigation view and create meaningful folders before uploading.

    Check out these article series:
    Manage Operations
    Killer Site Series
    Advanced Web Primer
    Building a database driven site with PHP and MySQL

    Hopefully these will help.
    Wayne Luke


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