i want to save file in local storage and post it under the table to be able to see it.. how can i do that?

HTML Code:
		<title>Offline App(Traffic Enforcement)</title>
		<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="Preferred" href="popAddVio.css" />
		<script type="text.javascript">
		function save() {
			try {
			var date = document.getElementById('textDate').value;
			var plate = document.getElementById('textPlate').value;
			var name = document.getElementById('textName').value;
			var address = document.getElementById('textAddress').value;
			localStorage.lDate = date;
			localStorage.lPlate = plate;
			localStorage.lName = name;
			localStorage.lAddress = address;
			} catch (e) {
				alert("Error save");
		function load() {
			var storedValue = localStorage.lDate;
			if (storedValue) {
				document.getElementById('date').value = storedValue;
	<body >
			<h1>Add Violations</h1>
		<div id="vioForm">
				<table border="0" width="400" align="center">
					<td><input id="vioDate" type="date" name="textDate" value="2011-01-13"/></td>
					<td><label>Plate #:</label></td>
					<td><input id="vioPlate" type="text" name="textPlate"</td>
					<td><label>Driver's Name:</label></td>
					<td><input id="vioName" type="text" name="textName" /></td>
					<td><input id="vioAddress" type="text" name="textAddress"/></td>
						<td><select id="combo">
						   <option value="move"> Moving Violation </option>
						   <option value="park"> Parking Violation </option>
			<form id="buttons">
				<input type="button" value="SAVE" onclick="save()" />
				<input type="button" value="CLOSE" onclick="window.close()" />