Hello everyone,

I've completed both my master and bachelor degree in multimedia and i've been working 18 months in the industry as a front-end developer | PHP & MySQL in Melbourne, Australia. I am the only developer in the team and i don't have any friends or knew any other developers. So if there is any developers meet up event open to the public i would really love to join if there is an opportunity.

There are a few things that i wasn't so sure about myself and i hope i could get some advices here.

I have the following skills:
- HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / PHP / MySQL / ActionScript 3.0 / Photoshop / Flash / Illustrator / HTML Email / Entry Level Responsive Web Development

I'm currently learning:
- GIT / Wordpress websites

Interested with:
- Magento / Zend Framework / Backbone.js / expand my JS skills

I'm familiar with Wordpress and Joomla website and be able to manage content updates and edit Wordpress theme.

My Current Salary:
- $40k package

1. What salary i should be getting based on my experiences and skills sets today?
2. Is there any problems with my skills development plan? What are the skills that i should be focus first? Should i concentrate on JS and put PHP or maybe other stuff behind? I'm more happy to become a front-end developer but i really do like to have some back-end skills that i've mentioned above. What should i do?
3. How can i make myself be better in the market?

Thank you.