Hey Everyone,

This is currently a project for my web design class. We had to choose any location near our home town and create web page and any service pertaining to that location. I chose to create a fake organization (Tinley Park Preservation) that is trying to raise money, purchase, and protect a plot of land that may be converted into a commercial area soon. I was going for more of a simplistic, whimsical feel to try and keep the attention of a more bland subject, but at the same time keep it serious enough to ask for donations.

I'm working through a couple of problems like the how the navigation reacts when the page is shrunk as well as some icons that stray away. I also have yet to add the actual donations section. If you can give any feedback in the sense of the design, how the website reacts in your browser, loading time, any random glitches, ect that would be great!

Thanks a lot.