I have a section where I want a user to be able to post a comment, or post a comment with an image. I have gone from one query to two trying to get the conditional statement to work.

At this point, the first query is ignored whether I have an image file to upload or not.

Can anyone see where I am going wrong?

Thank You


PHP Code:
$image $_POST['image'];

$_POST['image'])){                         // have had if(isset($_POST['com'])) did not work either

$comments trim($_POST['comments']);

$image_file $_FILES['image']['name'];
$image_type $_FILES['image']['type'];
$image_size $_FILES['image']['size']; 

      if ((
$image_type == 'image/gif') || ($image_type == 'image/jpeg') || ($image_type == 'image/pjpeg') || ($image_type == 'image/png') && ($image_size 3000000))  {
        if (
$_FILES['image']['error'] == 0) {
// Move the file to the target upload folder
$target 'imagesmemorial''/' $image_file;
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['image']['tmp_name'], $target)){
$sqlic "INSERT INTO uimages (userid, mem_id, image, comments) VALUES (:userid, :mem_id, :image, :comments)"
$qic $conn->prepare($sqlic);
$qic->execute(array(':userid'=> $userid_m':mem_id'=>$mem_id":image"=>$image_file':comments'=>$comments));


$_POST['com']) && !isset($_POST['images'])){ // have had set as empty()
$comments trim($_POST['comments']);

$sqlicn "INSERT INTO uimages (userid, mem_id,comments) VALUES (:userid, :mem_id,  :comments)"
$qicn $conn->prepare($sqlicn);
$qicn->execute(array(':userid'=> $userid_m':mem_id'=>$mem_id,  ':comments'=>$comments));