I'm looking at setting up a photo gallery online where a user will upload photos via "zip".

I've checked out php.net and figure this is all I need as far as "theory":

PHP Code:
[font=Courier New]$zip zip_open"myfile.zip" )
 or die(
"Couldn't open zipfile.");
$entry zip_read$zip ))
//  do stuff with zipfile entries...
zip_close$zip );[/font]
font=Courier New][/font

Basically, I just want a way for someone to upload a large number of photos via zip. Once on the server, I'll have this file unzipped and I'll create a set of thumbnails and regular size images for viewing. I'll do this during the While Loop.

I just want to know if I'm on the right track or if I'm missing something. All comments and suggestions are welcome.