Hi there,

I have an images table containing `id`, `title` and `filename`. The filenames are randomly generated by php on upload for security.

I have a `catalogue` table containing `id`, `product_name`, `description` and `image`. The `image` field contains the `id` of the image associated with that product.

I want the user to enter the title of the image and have MySQL replace that with the relevant image id.

Now here's the kicker: I want to do it using a CASE clause.

This is what I've got so far:
UPDATE `catalogue`
INNER JOIN `images` ON `images`.`id` = `catalogue`.`image`
SET `product_name` = (CASE `catalogue`.`id` WHEN 123 THEN 'abc' WHEN 124 THEN 'abd' ELSE `catalogue`.`id`),
    `description` = (CASE `catalogue`.`id` WHEN 123 THEN 'Some useless crap' WHEN 124 'More stuff you don\'t need' ELSE `description` END)
    `image` = (CASE `images`.`title` WHEN 'image1' THEN `images`.`id` WHEN 'image2' THEN `images`.`id`);
Obviously it doesn't work... Before I lose any more of my life on this, I'm just wondering if a) its possible, and b) whether I'm on the right lines.

As always, thanks in advance.