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    How to technically prevent copying or printing of copyright materials from a web page

    Hello folks, I am new to this forum and in my first thread here I am asking for information on an important issue that I have been researching. My research brings me to this forum because I found a thread here with some discussion of the problem of how to technically prevent someone from right clicking to "stop them from copying and pasting text." More specifically I am trying to solve the following problem: Suppose one wants to post copyright material on the web so that people can see or read it on a web page, but NOT copy or print it because you want them to buy it, for example, as in an e-book; How can one technically prevent people from copying or printing this copyright material that they view or read on a web page? I think I have seen this on Google Books and other web sites that allow you to browse substantial portions of entire books but do not technically permit the function of copying or printing what you see on the web page. How is this done? Thanks, for any help.


    For reference, this thread is a re-hash of
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