Hello guys,

Will you please help me to solve this problem. How to create a mod rewrite for this problem.

i have the following url

locate.php?a=numbers; //combination of numbers 0-9
Instead of that url, I made it search engine friendly,

the new url now is

location/numbers.html; //combination of numbers 0-9
I then create a mod re-write

RewriteEngine  on
RewriteRule ^location/([0-9-]*).html$  locate.php?a=$1 [L,NC]
The above mod rewrite work fine... but my problem is

When someone access directly the file

locate.php?a=numbers; //combination of numbers 0-9

How can I redirect someone else who open the locate.php to the search engine friendly url?

example locate.php?a=12 -> location/12.html

Thanks in advance