I have previously worked on asp.net language. I found that people feel I can do UI kind of work better then back-end programming. I started Playing with PHP but it's not something I can easily play with.

I found Javascript & bootstrap (Twitter) is more interesting for work with.I am doing JS , jQuery and Bootstrap kind of work from last year. I want to know how I can increase my skill so I can compete with people.

When I work with bootstrap I don't do responsive design and other people do. Most of people move to other because of this same reason. Now I feel doing front-end work is better then doing PHP, Wordpress.

I want to get paid very few/months and want to love what I do (I already doing coding). I want to know what should I do for make my career better.

1. Wordprss, PHP :- I can't programmer better and this is suggested by many people. people told me to do focus on UI work better then something else.

2. Front-end kind of work :- I want to get skill in front-end work. I haven't done anything in responsive web. I want to learn front-end work. I want to grow my skill to make me best.

I have no good skill and don't have good funds. I want to do work to make money. My motive is doing something to learn and help people on their work. The big problem I have is my skill is not good.

I have made many good sites. Someone please help me to grow my career.