"People may claim to hate puns, but most true word lovers have groaned to love them" - Jay Heinrichs.

Apply your best paronomasia skills to win Sitepoint prizes!!

We want to see your best effort, manipulating the English language, to fabricate puns.

Here is an example:
Phrase -
Phil wanted to become a Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Possible answers (entries):
On his resume, Phil's description of his experience is HIGHLY INFLATED
Phil's friends say he always has his head in the clouds
Here are the rules:
  • Reply to this thread with a post that is a pun on the Phrase provided
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per person
  • Your entry is a reply to this thread
  • Remember to be POLITE and CLEAN {all the rules of Sitepoint Forums apply}
  • Keep your response to one or two sentences only
  • After collecting a list of "groaners" we will post a poll put it to a vote
  • The author of the puniest response will have a choice of Sitepoint e-books

Here is the phrase to start off our contest:
Mark had been a writer of Web content. He is now training for the next Olympic Games.

*Sorry, English only.