Guest blogging has become very popular as a way to build traffic and inbound links since last year.

As a blogger, I am receiving a ton of requests from authors, marketers, agency representatives of big brands and other bloggers to feature what they have written on my blogs. Many of these contributions are of low quality and almost all of them don't have a "voice" behind the writings. In fact, once you start reading, you will know that these articles are written for the sake of coming up with 500 words, or whatever word count that seems reasonable, so that the contributor will be able to get the much needed inbound link from your blog or website.

Here's my question to bloggers/website owners:

  1. What is your policy for guest contributions and do you make these policies public?
  2. Do you have a strict editorial guideline (covering things like word count, number of links, etc.) for guest contributors?
  3. What is the reason that you normally use when you choose to decline an article or submission?