I know many SEO professionals and amateurs who create multiple web properties using free blogs and sites like wordpress.com and blogger.com just to get links back to their main site. Many of these secondary sites are low quality content and not updated so I doubt their value is very high and they may have very little effect at all.

I'm thinking of testing out a similar strategy using the same types of web properties but actually keeping them updated with fresh and unique content and linking them to relevant blog posts and pages on my main site. The idea is that with fresh content, these sites may have a better reputation with search engines and as a result links to my main site from these secondary sites will be more valuable. What do you think?

Before you answer, let me answer some of the obvious questions many of you will ask and add another question to the mix:

  1. Many of you will ask, why not just put all this content on your main site? My response: I plan on creating content myself for my main blog but plan to create a small outsourced army to create decent content for these other web properties linking to my site. So I'm not neglecting my main site/blog to create this content on other sites. I'm doing both!
  2. If this is done for a long time, the result could be, for example, a Wordpress.com blog with lots of content and relevant links back to my site. However, a ton of links back to my site from one single site may seem unnatural so is it better to link to many relevant sites including my main site only occasionally? I'm thinking this might be the most natural approach but what do you think is a good approach here.
  3. This isn't the only SEO strategy I am using, just something I add to the mix so feel free to tell me what a better use of my time and resources might be, but realize I am already doing other things to promote my site and build links.

Thanks in advance for your comments. I'm curious to read your thoughts.