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    Reply / Close Buttons, viewthread toolbars?

    I had been hoping that we would get toolbars at the top and bottom of the viewthread screen like on the Community - It gives new thread and reply (replaced with closed if a thread is locked) buttons, the forum name and next / last thread links, as well as options to choose linear, hybrid or threaded mode views.

    I know that you can get Linear, Hybrid, Threaded options at the bottom of each thread (well hidden though) and that Last Thread | Next Thread at the bottom of each page, however the lack of a proper reply button is really starting to annoy me now. Also having the above toolbar would allow a closed image to replace post reply image when a thread is locked would also be a great help - the only indication of a threads status being the Quick Reply Box (or lack of one) is also really annoying me.

    Also will the 3 edit, quick reply and reply (quote) images display edit, reply, quote in time? - these are really starting to confuse me.

    At the very least we should have some sort of image / link saying if a thread is open to replies or closed in the thread view somewhere.

    I appreciate there are more important issues to deal with at the moment, however I'd really appreciate it if these could be considered / included in time - they'd really improve my browsing experience

    Great work so far...
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