In my HTML I have a series of accordion tabs, all with the "twkTmr" class, but each may have a different value for the date. So I'm having trouble getting the right syntax to select $(this).value as an argument.
<h6 id="32" class="twkTmr ui-accordion-header ui-helper-reset" value="2013-01-12" >Property_Name</h6>
<h6 id="34" class="twkTmr ui-accordion-header ui-helper-reset" value="2013-01-22" >Property23</h6>
In my JavaScript
function init(argument) {
		collapsible : true
		spin : function(event, ui) {
			if (ui.value > 300) {
				$(this).spinner("value", 1);
				return false;
			} else if (ui.value < 1) {
				$(this).spinner("value", 300);
				return false;

$(".twkTmr").ready(function beRED (argument) {
  var value = 301;
  if (value > 300) {

I have it at the end of an initialization function because it needs to happen @ page load and most of what I've read suggest $(this) has to be very picky about scope. So how do I pass $(this).value in as the argument. What I'm really wanting to do is add Class red to any divs that are over two weeks old.