I bought two licenses of their latest version PHPld 5. I was lucky that I bought the script with back link. They were cheaper. And now I thank my self for that I only bought them cheapest versions. Their latest version they sell is not ready for a live site. They're like a half-finished results. And after you've installed the script. What you get is a half-finished website. After 2 weeks i still have 2 half-finished website which is not working.

I complained about this and put a thread on the closed forum for only licensed viewers. The thread was deleted directly by a moderator with name James. And then I received a threat mail back that I was banned on the ticket support 24 hours. The reason was that I sent out this thread on a Sunday and they said I could wait. But i had already waited a week.

If I knew that the script was not ready, I had not bought this. Now, I still have two scripts to no use. I still submit tickets and ask Them to fix my problem but they dont answer me now. Got a response a week ago how to arrange the errors. But I'm not talented programmers of PHP.

I warn you. Do not buy this script of them. They are nasty if you start complaining. If you buy a script so it should be clear and work from start, and not need to be fixed after you download it