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    Graph from a drop down.


    Please i need help using jpgraph or rpgraph. I am working on a php/mysql project that as to do with graphing. The issue is not to be able get both graphing solution to work or pull data from the database as i have been able to do that from their provided documentation, the issue is allowing the user to be able to query the database through a form on the page.

    I have a large database with fields like 'state', 'year', 'month', 'readings', and i want the user to be able to query the db themselves so as to get the very graph they want. the form the user will see will have the four fields both on the x and y axis so that when the user select a particular year against the readings only the values of each month of that year will be displayed.

    The look of the form has been attached. Really appreciate a response as i am very desperate about this now.

    Many thanks.
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