So normally I don't have to do this, but I had to start freelancing recently. I usually only do small jobs here & there which don't require a lot of interaction with the client, but now I have a client who needs a lot more work done to streamline her business & get her moving forward. The problem is that she's VERY busy, I don't think she types fast, but I could be wrong, & she prefers the phone.

She's a lovely person, but busy from like the crack of dawn until gawd knows when at night.

I have a feeling organization isn't her strong suit, so I'm trying to figure out a way to get her to answer my questions every day so I can continue working & she doesn't end up with e-mails & word docs piling up with all my questions. This is already stressing her as I can be very detailed. It's either a long e-mail with several points, or an e-mail per point & then she gets like 20 e-mails. She prefers short.

I hope that as time goes on I'll have less questions, but for now I'm teaching her a lot about SEO, her site, etc. & I can't do much without her go ahead on certain tasks, figuring out what software to get etc.

I did suggest maybe she answer my questions in a digital VR (then she'd have to e-mail it to me & that could be a problem), but I'm also concerned about when she's even going to have time to do this. I assume she drives from client to client & networking gatherings & while she can talk while she's driving, she can't read my questions.

So I'm wondering what ideas you have either b/c you've had this problem before & solved it, or you had a client who solved this problem.

I want to get a task manager set up, but again, if she doesn't even have time to go in there to take a look around, how is she going to have time to address my e-mails every day?