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    Why doesn't my form work ?

    Well it works partially in that the form comes through, but the form is always blank. What have I done wrong.

    Extract from HTML

    HTML Code:
    <ul class="opendays">
     <p><strong>Change of Peronal Details</strong></p>
            <form action="send_contact.php" method="post">
            <ul class="opendays">
                      <li> <p>Your Name <required>*</required></p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Your Email <required>*</required></p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>With Effect From <required>*</required></p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Telephone No </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Mobile Number </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Adress Line 1 </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Adress Line 2 </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Adress Line 3 </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Adress Line 4 </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>Adress Line 5 </p><p><input type="text"></p></li>
                      <li><p>&nbsp</p><p><button type="submit" class="button">Submit</button></p></li>
                      <br> <required> * (indicates that the information is required)
    Extract from PHP

    PHP Code:

    // Contact subject
    $subject ="$Contact Form"

    // Details

    // Mail of sender

    // From 
    $header="from: $detail <$mail_from>"

    // Enter your email address
    $to =''


    // Check, if message sent to your email 
    // display message "We've recived your information"
    "Thanks for sending this change of details. I shall update our records right away.";
     else {
    Please answer in words of one syllable please

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