Hey Good Folks,

Images probably account for at least 80% of of my site's data.

According to Google Analytics my page load times actually seem good (under 2 seconds) - except for one (18+ seconds), and it's the page that draws most of my visitors.

My thumnbails average around 15kb, but there are lots of them. Are they too big or just too many?

Maybe it'll help if I relate my image-editing process using GIMP.

I begin with an image of 3000px by 4000px that amount to 4.5MB - 6MB, and I crop as much as I can. I then scale these down so that the greater dimension will be 1100px. These are the images my thumbnails point to, and when I save them I reduce the quality to 85. I then scale these down again so that the greater dimension will be 300px, and further reduce the quality to 65. These are my thumbnails, and, as I've said, they amount to about 15kb.

Thanks for any help you can offer,