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    Offline conversion of Microsoft Office and PDF documents to HTML

    Hello, is there any open source / paid converter available to convert Microsoft Office and PDF documents to HTML so your users can view them right in the web app, and particularly looking for something which does it offline. Scribd, crocdoc, google doc viewer would work for online, have a requirement to make it work offline. Is it even possible ?

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    There are but the conversion is less than perfect and the HTML generated is rubbish. That doesn't mean that it can't look good (that really depends on the document) but it is more than often bloated and bad quality code.

    In the case of Word is as simple as "saving as" and choose HTML

    For PDFs, if you have a Adobe Acrobat, you already have that option. Else, Google and try the different converters. There are thousands of them and, to be honest, I haven't found any that's better than others.

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