I've created a website based on Wordpress theme, with adjusted styles in css. The header contains a logo floated to the left with centered text. The navigation bar should have rounded corners and a gradient color with white fonts.

Everything works fine in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE-09/IE-10 (I don't really care that the rounded corners do not display in earlier IE versions). But when viewed in IE08, the following two issues appear:

1. The menu bar has the green gradient color, but the fonts are greyish and hardly visible. In IE07, IE09 and IE10 the fonts display white as they should. So what causes this erratic behavior in IE08???

2. The centered header text in IE08 is unintentionally forced to the left and behind the logo. When I try with floating the image left, the green border of the menu expands and the header text disappears. I've worked around this issue playing with margins in ems, to make the text visible at least. But not a desirable result.

I've searched the net to find proper hacks or other clues, but I found nothing useful. I'm not too proficient on CSS to figure it out myself, so I hope anyone on the forum is able to help me out.

website: http://wijkraaddeblaak.nl