Have a real situation I need some advise and assistance with. One of my sites is having a problem getting 404 errors on a daily basis. It's a wordpress site and a fix I've found (temporary) is go re-save my permanent link.

Until I do this the only page I can view is the home page and the rest of my site comes up 404 error.

The permalink setting is a custom structure: /%postname%/39%post_id%/

I've read somewhere that it could be a plug-in but I don't know if that's is true. How do I test each plug-in
I mean can I deactive each plug-in and some how recreate the problem. Or is it possible to test each deactivation.
Wish I could provide a better way of explaining myself.

I'm probably not providing enough information but if someone can help or need some additional
information please let me know.