Hi, Don. I can't get your socket.io handshake code to work. It keeps coming back with "info: handshake unauthorized". The MemoryStore contains an _id but not of the form we're trying to retrieve it. It looks like this:


And we're trying to retrieve it with a sessionID that looks something like this "s:muBl0aDwYkvHR60dC4NdSn7+.Od8cUUasUucjWOEn3OKs6zp2dFq82oUC9Mduild9iG0".

(See also http://cl.ly/image/190r1B3f3e2m)

I'm stuck. Been playing around with this authorization handshake code for a while now. Can't figure out why it's not working. Also, where is MemoryStore's API documented? Googled it but got nothing useful.

Please advise.

My dependency versions:

express: 3.0.6
cookie: 0.0.5
socket.io: 0.9.13