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Hello there guys, newbie here

Working with wordpress. Not sure if this is the right forum to post.

I am using this plugin


Shortcode syntax:

[worldcurrency cur="EUR" value="25"]

However, i am using Advanced custom fields and the shortcode for custom fields is not being executed within the shortcode for worldcurrency.

[worldcurrency curr="[acf field="fl_currency"]" value="[acf field="fl_value"]"]

If you look at the ACF shortcode in source (api.php), it just uses the API function get_field on the shortcode's field attribute.

If you look at the world currency shortcode in source (worldcurrency.php), it outputs a span with the worldcurrency class and a couple of custom attributes, which then get converted on the user side via javascript.

I could probably write my own shortcode or custom function that combines the two, using the output of world currency with ACF's get_field to fetch the attributes from fields I specify.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?