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    uhhh, I think I am in trouble.

    I am in the process of setting up a personal/ecommerce website in order to learn enough to do a decent job on my company's site.

    In my personal site, I am hoping to market a secure ebook. I looked forever for a hosting service that would best fit my needs, set up the framework of the site, arranged the links for credit card payment through, and then turned to how to distribute the user ID's and passwords required for any potential clients to unencrypt the file.

    Then found out that my host provides no database support, at all ( I thought they did, because they provide Frontpage extension support, but their tech support says no, sorry.

    Well, while this is my first web project, I have played with a little code in my days, and was a wiz at batch files way back when.

    So my question is: am I really required to have a database to process my user id's and passwords? Is it possible to use some sort of batch-file-like kludge to automatically work through a list of small html or text files which contain the unique information for each purchaser?

    I can use forms, and they have CGI support with perl.

    How about some kind of email autoresponder? I can do that on the site, but am not sure how I would go about individualizing each email, for each client.

    Can I access a database or sequential file on another server?

    My final backup is to have a copy of their authorization (which will include their email address) sent to one of my email addresses, and then just physically email them their information, but this doesn't really sound like an appealing option to me (or to the clients who will want instant access).

    My site is You can click through the purchase process without incurring a charge. I haven't done the final setup of the account on that yet.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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    You can do it with Perl/CGI

    Instead of a DB you could use a hash table or just a flat text file.

    Its not the best way to do it, its not the fastest way to do it, its not the easiest way to do it. But it will work.

    And you could also set up a script to read from an email address, parse through and find the right info, and input it into your hash table or flat text file.

    This will all be very complicated, so if you don't have any experience with this you'll be in trouble.



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