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    Lost in Translation! A quick competition ...

    Lost in Translation!

    Here is a simple challenge for you all.

    We've taken a common web design term and translated it into Japanese and back to English a few times using a translator tool—rendering it unrecognizable. All you have to do is work out what the original words were!

    The first to answer correctly will win a free SitePoint ebook! You can answer as many times as you like.

    If it's proving too hard, we'll start to drop clues, so keep tabs on this thread. The plan is to leave this thread open for several days at least, or perhaps a week. (Let's see how it goes.)

    OK, so this is resulting translation you have to "untranslate":

    Formal performance
    Good luck!


    Clue1: the original is also two words. This is a standard technical term, quite familiar to web developers.

    Clue2: think in terms of established names for various aspects of web design—something you'd expect to be able to look up in an index, for example.

    Clue3: an example of a common web design term would be "Responsive design"—terms that are part of our common web vocabulary.

    Clue4: I apologise for stringing you all along.

    Clue5: this term is a common expression used by programmers on a regular basis.

    OK guys, we have a winner (see post #36). The answer was "regular expression". Yes, indeed, running that term back and forth through the translator produced "formal performance". We hope to run a few more of these competetions, so stay tuned.


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