Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am in need of some advice.

I would very much like to learn how to develop web sites, from the ground up with all the features and programming included to make full rich interactive sites (like we see out there every day).

I have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and some other bits and pieces. I read a book about ASP.NET and some other misc stuff, but nothing to really get a good handle on things.

I need some advice on almost a "lesson plan" of sorts. Where to start and where to go from there...

There are so many choices out there to learn:


and the list goes on forever...

I know HTML and CSS are the core of any website and are a must, but where do I go from there?

Also, do I want to use Dreamweaver or Visual Studio or just something like Notepad ++?

I know there are a lot of schools out there that offer training in these things, but without going into a huge story that no one here wants to hear, I just need to learn this myself.

I can buy some items, especially books and I can even get a copy of the latest Dreamweaver if needed.

Any help you all can offer would be greatly appreciated!