Hello All,

I apologize if this questions is asked ad nauseum. I have a blog with a nice base following as well as a good number of unique visitors a day. I allot some of my time every now and then to optimize and clean my blog. I have recently been trying to understand "nofollow" links and how they may or may not relate to Page Rank. An average post I make has a "read more" link from the landing page, usually 2 "Amazon associates" links to equipment I used, an embedded youtube video/link as well as 2-3 download links to an external hosting site (which is actually just a "right click, save" type of link).

Regardless if it is a big/little impact on my Page Rank, I am questioning whether or not to include a "nofollow" reference in any/all of these links.

What would everyone here suggest? What would be a good standard practice? Does the "Read More" link present on each post qualify as a link with little anchor text attributed?

With over 100 posts under my belt, I am curious as to what method would keep my site and ranking organized and clean, considering this topic on the internet is teaming with much, much larger sites.

Here is a link to a typical post so you can see what I am talking about: Beachfront B-Roll: Free to Use HD Stock Video Footage