I am giving a seminar on Search Engine Optimization. Had an article bookmarked a long time ago talking about the value of a TOP 20 SEO campaign is equal to the ROI of a traditional $60,000 ad campaign. I have also seen this stat quoted on some other sites. But now I cannot find the article. Does anyone know where I can find this info??

I have several good articles and handouts and lots of SE stats from various sources but can always use MORE.
Plus I really want to get my hands on that "Top ranking equals $60K" article. The next seminar I'm doing is for
some bigger companies who spend a ton on traditional advertising, but for the most part are not very search engine savvy - so a copy of that article for handouts would be great!

Most of my SEO clients are Start-ups and I have lots of great success stories and stats about the impact SE marketing made on their bottom line - but for this type of corporate audience I more "meat."

If you know of any other good SEO stats regarding return on investment, using SE for "Branding" or % of traffic from SE vs. other types of marketing please post a link. Already have a lot from internet marketing mags, sites and zines. So am especially interested in any good SEO articles the traditional press has done.

Thanks, Linda