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It worked straight away with no problems.

You won't believe what the error was.
It was being caused by this line console.log("here"); in the following function:

Code JavaScript:
$("#button").click(function(ev) {
  s = $("#post_code").val();
  e = $('input[name=venue_id]:checked').attr('data-postcode')
  $.fancybox(this, {
    ajax: {
      type : "POST",
      data : 's=' + s + '&e=' + e
    onComplete: function(){

Just remove it and you're good.

I think that has got to be the biggest face-palm moment of this year so far.

It's common knowledge that console.log is bad news for IE, but until I spotted this, I was testing on three different machines and had to result to setting up a VM, just to be able to reproduce the error.