* our HR manager assign Tasks to Employees. Assume one task is assign to one employee only.
* employee can assign (forward) a task he got from HR to another employee.

Table 1 :

TASKS - contain all tasks

taskid | subject | description | priority | date_created | deadline

Table 2 :

TASKS_EMPLOYEES - task assigned by HR and to whom

taskid | empno

Table 3 :

TASKS_ASSIGNED - tasks assigned by one employee to another.

taskid | from | to | date

* there can be tasks without assigned (forwrded).

when a employee loged in to his panel, he should see all the tasks assigned by HR as well as by other employees


note : $username=currently loged in user's empno

       $query="SELECT * FROM tasks 
		LEFT JOIN tasks_employees 
		ON tasks_employees.taskid=tasks.taskid
		WHERE tasks_employees.empno='$username'
		SELECT * FROM tasks 
		LEFT JOIN tasks_assigned 
		ON tasks.taskid=tasks_assigned.taskid
		WHERE tasks_assigned.to='$username'";
the above produces the following error :

The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns

so is there any other method i can use without the UNION to combine the results?