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    Is there an SEO benefit to splitting up good content across several pages?

    I have a job-related AMA site that's doing relatively well and seeing consistent growth in organic search traffic. Currently all questions and answers appear on a single page. IOW, if an ice sculptor's hosting an AMA, all of the Q's asked of him (and his answers) appear on a single page.

    I want to know whether there is any SEO benefit to perhaps putting every question/answer combo on its own page. I know that online magazines / newsletters will often split up an article across 2 or 3 pages, which is obnoxious, but I figure they're doing it to increase page views (and hence ad impressions.) But we're not even hosting ads yet, so I don't really care about page impressions...I'm asking purely from an SEO perspective. Would putting every Q/A combo on its own page allow us to do things that would enhance our SEO? For example, I'm imagining that we'd be able to customize meta data for every page specific to that question+answer (that would be very time-consuming, though I guess we could use a script or something.) Any other benefit to doing that? We like the fact that all Qs and As appear on a single long page now...and frankly from a UE standpoint, that definitely makes the most sense. But how about re: SEO -- I'd love to hear any suggestions for how we might be able to make our A+ (in our opinion ofc) content even more attractive / relevant to SE's.
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