I'm on Dreamhost VPS plan set at 400MB. I have 2 wordpress sites with not much traffic. I keep getting memory spikes. I'm told with wordpress plugins are most likely the cause. I've deleted all except plugins that are essential to my site and it still keeps happening. Sites run fine. But I keep getting these emails saying I'm over.

I'm at a standstill and a loss as I don't know what else to do. I'm not a server guy at all. Dreamhost will do NOTHING to help me except to say "upgrade your ram and spend more" I've already upgraded twice.

All I want to do is try and find the source of the spikes. If it is still a bad plugin I can try and find another one but DH won't tell me what causing it. They just want me to spend more and upgrade.

Like I said I'm not a server guy. Any help on what I can do to check out be great.