I have an issue with items listed on a page, the items have 3 values associated with them, on a few pages not all the items are listed and this where the problems arise, the values assocated with each item are no longer kept in order, for example this would be a listing with all items listed and all is good

Item1 Item2 Item3 Item4
1.00 4.00 7.00 3.00
2.00 5.00 8.00 6.00
3.00 6.00 9.00 8.00

This would be a listing with only three items listed, in this example we are only showing Item1, Item2 and Item4, now what happens is Items 1 and 2 display fine but Item4 does not show any values

Item1 Item2 Item4
1.00 4.00
2.00 5.00
3.00 6.00

The values for each Item are stored in a DB like this
item_values 1.00,,4.00
item_values1 1.00,,4.00
item_values2 1.00,,4.00

The code to call is

PHP Code:
foreach($arr_items as $key_item => $val_item) {
$val_item_img str_replace("'"''$val_item);
$val_item_img str_replace(chr(146), ''$val_item_img);
$image strtolower(str_replace(' ''_'$val_item_img)) . '.gif';
                    if (!empty(
$item_values[$key_item])) $low $item_values[$key_item];
                    if (empty(
$low)) $low '0.00';
                    if (!empty(
$item_values1[$key_item])) $mid $item_values1[$key_item];
                    if (empty(
$mid)) $mid '0.00';
                    if (!empty(
$item_values2[$key_item])) $high $item_values2[$key_item];
                    if (empty(
$high)) $high '0.00';
                    if (
$low 0$low_text "Low: {$item_currencies[$key_item]}{$low}<br />";
$low_text '';
                    if (
$mid 0$mid_text "Mid: {$item_currencies[$key_item]}{$mid}<br />";
$mid_text '';
                    if (
$high 0$high_text "High: {$item_currencies[$key_item]}{$high}";
$high_text '';
$arr_items[$key_item] = "<div class='list_items_img'><img src='_layouts/images/items/{$image}' alt='$val_item' /><br />$val_item<br />{$low_text}{$mid_text}{$high_text}</div>";}
$this->currentItem[$val] = implode(''$arr_items);
Thanks John