Hey SP,

I've got two tables and I need to grab information from. One is a category table, and one is an order form table. They share a common column name called order_form_category however they are not related by a foreign key. Is it possible to select records from both tables in one query that match the same order_form_category value?

For example if records in the item_categories have an order_form_category value of 4 and there is also records in the order_forms table that has an order_form_value = 4 is it possible to select all of the records from these two tables that have an order_form_value of 4.

To me this seems like a table join, but the two tables aren't related to one another so I can't see how a table join would work.

It's not a huge deal if I have to do this in two queries, I know that I can merge the records using PHP, and then sort them using PHP but I'd rather do it all from the query if possible.

Your thoughts and tips are greatly appreciated.