Hi Guys,

I've been prowling the net for a really simplified NDA for a fairly large project, but didn't find anything in plain non-legal languange, so I tried coming up with one myself in plain english and would like you to try to "hack" it.

Terms are as follows:

1. All information related to the project delivered by the customer to the provider is considered confidential after the signing of this contract and must not be handled carelessly.

2. The provider is in no shape, way, or form, allowed to aid a possible competitor to the customer establish itself by passing on any confidential information delivered to the provider by the customer or assist any other type of party in doing so, by any means of communication or by any other means of delivery.

3. The provider is not allowed to discuss the nature of the project or any of itís related details with any other party without prior written approval of the customer.

4. The provider is not allowed to take personal advantage of any confidential information supplied by the customer with the aim of establishing a similar, competing operation for his own benefit or the benefit of others.

5. The provider is obligated to keep all confidential information obtained from the customer 100% unavailable to any uninitiated parties not previously approved for project insight by the customer as pr. 2. above.

6. Any legal disputes will be settled in a court of choice selected by the customer and the financial penalty for breach of contract must be no less than $500.000 as remedy for any possible subsequent damages incurred by the customer.

This is very short and simple to "get" for both parties, and perhaps it'll do?

Thx for reading, have a great evening