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    Lightbulb Problem With Google Disavow Link Tool?

    I have a problem, with Disavow link tool,
    To get rid of from Google updates, i am trying disavow spam links pointing to my site..!
    In that matter , i just list out the all the spam links from webmaster tools. At last i reach to submit my spam links txt file to disavow tool.,!

    Hear is the problem,
    ->I don't where the updated file is considered or not..! Bcoz i didn't get any message form Google..
    -> If Google will not give any update on it,,then when we came to know those links are disavowed by Google(time)
    -> I dont know will really Google ignore those spam links to my site.
    Does any one have any experience with please resovle my problem ,,
    Thanks in Advance ...

    My site name: <snip>
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