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    Blogging by hand for on-site SEO

    I have a site that I made by hand and I like it now that I am finished with it.

    For SEO purposes I would like to add a blog, just a basic I only have about 5 articles in mind, maybe in a year I'll have 10, maybe 15 in 5 years (I doubt that many).

    Instead of installing Wordpress or some other CMS and learning how to use it and then taking the time to get it to look like my existing site, I would rather just do the blog by hand since I already have the header, sidebar, and footer made up.

    My only concern is what the blog needs for proper SEO? Is it as easy as pasting an article to a page with the normal header, sidebar, and footer? My plan was to make the index.php blog page be a menu of all the articles, nice and simple. When an article discusses something that is on my main site, I would link it tot he page. Do I need to have a breakdown of all other articles on a sidebar on each article page? Anything else like that? Basically I am just looking for those little things that may make a different to SEO.
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