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    Urgent - Database Table is stuffed

    Hi guys,
    Something has I assume corrupted one of my database tables.

    The database is on a remote SQL Server and I have been accessing it with Microsoft Access when I need to make changes (changes are also made through my website with ASP.NET).

    It is no longer accessible with script, and when I try to open it with Microsoft Access it gives me this error message:

    ADO Error: Unable to insert the value NULL into column ",table"; column does not allow nulls. Insert Fails. The statement has been terminated

    This has happened to two seperate database tables now.

    What's worse is that it gives me a "Fatal Error" message when I try to delete the table.

    I can easily recreate the table, but as I am unable to remove or try to fix the last one it seems I would have to give the table a different name and change the 10-15 pages that reference that table name.

    But given it has already happened to two tables, I would prefer to learn what is going wrong and how to fix the database rather than continually moving tables around.

    Any ideas?

    I need a solution to this rather quickly as the site is live and people are unable to access the page to create draftlists at the moment.

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    For a quick-and-dirty solution make all columns nullable.

    Possible solution: Check that all identity columns still have the identity attribute set. When transfering tables, SQL Server will sometimes remove the identity attribute from a table. If your code is not setting that value, then Null errors will start popping up.



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