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    SEO tips required

    I am an SEO Engineer, past 6 months we are doing SEO for <snip> keyword. But still we didn’t achieve the target. Some people wantedly posting the negative reviews on <snip>. From our side we tried more than enough to increase the ranking on Google. But it is not working well. Can anybody provide me some SEO tips and techniques to increase ranking in Google and Alexa for the keyword <snip>. It’s my request friends. Suggest me if possible.
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    SEO for one site is much like SEO for another. The same factors are important for any site - primarily high-quality, unique content.

    Please read the sticky threads at the top of this forum, and any other threads which interest you. These will provide you with a great deal of information. I would also recommend you download and read Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. After that, if you still have any specific questions, then please feel free to post again.

    If you would like the site reviewed from an SEO perspective, you can request that in the Reviews & Critiques forum, in accordance with its guidelines.

    Meanwhile, I am closing this thread, as your question is too broad to attract any meaningful answers.

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