Hi there,

I'm stucked creating a jquery image gallery. Here is what I got so far:


and here the jquery wrote for that purpose:

Code JavaScript:
 /* images gallery carrousel
		var numberImages = $(".thumbs").children().length;
		var thumbsWidth = numberImages * 121;
		$(".thumbs").css("width", thumbsWidth + "px");
		$("img[title='navegar izquierda']").click(function(){$(".thumbs").animate({left:'-=600px'});});
		$("img[title='navegar derecha']").click(function(){$(".thumbs").animate({left:'+=600px'});});	
		$('.thumbs').on('click', 'img', function(){

I made it for the thumbnails to run left or right depending on the arrow you click on. And the final step would be for the thumbnails not to move left or right if there is no more thumbnails, to the left or to the right, to show. To be honest, I don´t seem to have any further jquery knowledge.

I've thought of a couple of things but I don't really know how to implement them. I'm sure it wouldn't be too much hassle for someone more experienced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,