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    How do I get a photo centered from a link

    Is there a way to center a photo after clicking on a link.... as in <a href="images/blahblah.jpg"> etc.....
    They open but are always in the upper left portion of the window.

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    No, if you just mean a direct link to a standalone JPEG file then it is up to the browser to just render the image file. Of course if it were a link to another webpage containing an image you could position the embedded image on that new page, etc. Alternatively something like a "Lightbox effect" using JavaScript may centre position the image on the current page (overlay images on top of the current page) if that is what you had in mind.

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    Firefox seems to do that now by default. But as Robert says, the easiest way to ensure this is to make the link a link to an actual page, o which the images is centered with your own code. You can then style the page any way you like—with fancy borders etc.
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