I was approached by a clothes manufacturer located in Europe, and they wish to sell their clothes worldwide on-line (retail or wholesale sales). Their international stock is mostly geared for colder climates (e.g. United Kingdom, Northern Europe).

They have a UK base, so they could ship products across and deliver them the their UK and European regions from here. Having said this, they do not have anything for the US. Is there a way to create a virtual US base to sell their online products from the US, or would we need to use that of the UK to do this?

Looking at ways to market their products, I found the following websites:

  • Hammacher
  • Google Products
  • Google Shopping
  • Groupon UK / US
  • Amazon UK / US

Many of those services to work need an actual physical business in their region, like for example, Google Shopping. I understand this topic might be border-line unethical, my intention is to increase sales.