I realize this question has been asked, but thought it was worth revisiting since the landscape changes so rapidly. I am investigating different options to add CMS capabilities to a few websites I work on. They are currently built utilizing PHP includes for different sections, but I am looking to add CMS type functionality as well.

I am liking what I see with services such as Perch or Pulse CMS, but am curious what other options (similar to those where you insert a snippet of code which then retrieves the appropriate details for the page being called). Does anyone have any open source styles of CMS that work similar to these that can be "added" to an otherwise mostly static website design?

While I am focusing right now on the main site content being easily editable by the websites owner without having to mess around with the HTML/CSS/PHP behind the site, I also want to keep in mind that some of the sites we may desire to add blog type functionality to the site, so not having to implement another solution would be good. Applications such as Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress fit that nicely, but (at least in my opinion) are a little bit more "horsepower" than is required, and includes the potential for quite a bit of unnecessary code bloat.

Thanks in advance, I always appreciate the feedback from the forum community, it invariably leads me to find exactly what I was looking for (and quite often, in services/features I didn't even know existed).