Originally posted by Paul O'B
The point is that disabled users have a right to access everyday services that others take for granted.
"Rights" are things that are laid down in law. I hope that the way a web page is or isn't written is never defined by law

The fact remains that on a private/non-governmental website, it is the publisher's loss if the page isn't accessible by the widest possible audience, however the publisher is not engaging in any kind of predjudice towards any part of the community.

Your statement suggests that I am being prejudiced to that section of the community that is color-blind if I suggest that users of my page "Press the blue button".

Am I being prejudiced towards the dyslexic if I use words of more than one syllable?

I appreciate that your intentions are good and you should be applauded for that, but don't let political correctness cloud your judgement.