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    Anhcors as main menu link question

    I have a client who wants one of the main menu links to be an anchor where it takes them to a certain part of a page which is only 1 page.

    Now obviously, I have used anchor links before but only for like Scroll to the top of the page and never had an issue.

    1) Click on Guarantee menu link
    2) It takes them to the homepage
    3) On the homepage it scrolls them down to where we have the guarantee.
    4) This is a main menu link which is accessed from other pages.

    Thank You!

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    Assuming that you have your home page in a file called index.html and that the guarantee has the following at the point where you want to link to (the id that is - the exact tag it is on doesn't matter as long as it isn't inside a table):

    <h2 id="guarantee">Guarantee</h2>
    The link to that point from other pages would be:

    <a href="index.html#guarantee">guarantee</a>
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