Hi all

Cant seem to get this working how I want it, any help appreciated

Ive a realtime input form (users can add extra lines using a javascript function) that needs to return to the database on submit, this works fine. in the next section of the form I have need to read the values put in the first section for inclusion in a select box, again using JS.

Al lthe abouve work fine providing that I use the variable[] for the name of the forms elements etc.

however I really need to use the format variable[x][y] and thats where everything stops working.

So, in section 1 of my form that the javascript writes I have

   newCell2.innerHTML = '<input type="hidden" name="building[' + (numRows) + '][id]"  ' + (buildid) + ' /><input type="text" name="building[' + (numRows) + '][name]" ' + (buildingname) + ' />';
numRows = the current row number of the table, it counts up as people add new lines to the form.

buildid & buildingname = text strings that add a value to the input tags.

then in my second section Im trying to read in the values of these arrays using.

buildingarr = document.getElementsByName("building[]");
  opts = null;
  for(var i=0;i<buildingarr.length;i++){
    opts = opts +'<option value="' + (buildingarr[i][name].value) +'">' + (buildingarr[i][name].value) +'</option>';
    newCell5.innerHTML = '<select name="room[' + (numRows) + '][building]">' +
         opts +