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    website evaluation

    I wish to get a dozen new users views and opinions of a website. Ideally, in the form of a brief survey. Itd entail them checking the site out for 10 minutes and commenting on it. Can this be done?

    Is there any sort of paid service that arranges for users views?
    Alternatively I could post here though Id really prefer the review in the form of a survey.

    Any help appreciated.

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    SitePoint uses Survey Monkey for its surveys. However, I don't know how that would attract the new views you are looking for. You might consider posting a request to view your site on a Social Media platform and indicate you are looking for new viewers only, but that would be a hit and miss as well. Additionally, I see a lot of sites have a squeeze page that asks the viewer to take a survey. Depending on your present traffic flow, that might be the quickest ... or the longest method of getting what you want. Keep in mind, too, that squeeze pages often leave a bad taste in the mouths of visitors. I know I hate them. You probably don't want the first impression your site makes to be a negative one.
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    1 Thread(s) is a service that I come across not too long ago from a client. Since the client has a SaaS product, understanding how users navigate around their product and interact with the features is important. The ability to select a set of criteria (age, gender and household income, etc.) that your testers (participants) should meet before participating in your test is what amazes me. However, the service can be too expensive for many because they charge according to the number of participants that you need for your test.


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